Which mattress is better, latex or spring?

Which mattress is better, latex or spring?

Various types of mattresses are available to fulfill diverse customer needs. Even though made from different kinds of materials, mattresses are designed to keep us comfortable when we are sleeping or resting. Currently, spring and latex are one of the popular types of mattresses. If you are deciding to make a pick between these two, then you should thoroughly be aware of their respective features.

The following details can help you in determining, whether latex or the spring-comprised counterparts are appropriate for you.

Usually, latex mattresses are manufactured using natural materials, although they are available in synthetic variants as well, so ensure you check the labels before making the purchase.
On the other hand, spring mattresses are normally made with a mix of natural textiles and synthetic fibers. Therefore, they might not last long as compared to the 100% natural latex-based mattresses.

Latex mattresses that are comprised of natural fabrics are firm. Though, some varieties of latex foam are also composed of synthetic fibers due to which they are not as durable as the 100% natural ones. Comparatively, spring mattresses have a low level of firmness, which can be uncomfortable for people having back problems.

Manufacturing of natural varieties of latex foam involves the processing of sap that is obtained from rubber trees. Ordinarily, the makers of latex mattresses incorporate only 1 to 2 inches of the topmost layer with natural materials for promoting them as eco-friendly. The majority of these mattresses are made from synthetic materials. For this reason, it is advised to be cautious about companies that do not share details about the percentage of natural fibers in their products. The best organic latex mattresses consist of 100% natural materials including wool and cotton.
The constituents of spring mattresses include synthetic foams and fabrics. Although, they can cost cheaper.

Mattresses are created using different supplies considering the multiple needs and preferences of the customer. Some variants are ordinary, and some are specifically designed to meet the requirements of users with special remedial needs. So examine all critical factors pertaining to health, comfort, and budget before opting for a final deal.