4 top reasons to buy a Big Green Egg grill

4 top reasons to buy a Big Green Egg grill

Big Green Egg grill is one of the most popular outdoor cooking solutions available in the market today. If you are planning to buy a grill, then it can help you to know if the Big Green Egg grill is a worthwhile purchase for your needs.

Here are top reasons to buy a Big Green Egg grill.

Big Green Egg is a versatile cooking range for outdoor kitchens. You can use it to grill, roast, bake and smoke your food. You can grill pork chops, steaks and seafood and fish and make the perfect burger using its quick and easy grilling settings. With its simple temperature control settings, you can use it to smoke meat and vegetables as well. What’s more, the easy temperature settings also make it possible for you to bake pies, bread, casseroles and pizza. So, the Big Green Egg grill is also an oven and a smoker and does the job well for different cooking styles.

Big Green Egg grill comes in seven different sizes to suit the cooking needs of small to big families. You can buy an extra large cooker or small, medium and mini models. The company also sells many accessories to further enhance your cooking experience. You can buy racks, custom islands, baking stones, charcoal, smoking woods, grilling tools, sauces, seasoning, specialty cookware, cookbooks and more. So, whatever you need to make your home cooking stand out, you can do so with the help of a Big Green Egg grill of your preferred size with related accessories.

Ease of use
Ease of use is an important aspect to consider when buying any equipment. When it is a tool you are going to be using almost every day, you need it to work quickly and without hassle. With Big Green Egg grill, you get the convenience of setting the cooker and using it without any difficulty. It is easy to set up and once it is done, you can use lump charcoal to fire it up. You don’t need to use lighter fluid to get the charcoal going as it heats up quickly due to its design that gives room for air to circulate easily. This also makes it a convenient cooking solution. You can use the Big Green Egg grill just as efficiently in the coldest winter months as during summer.

You can buy charcoal starters available with the company and use it as an odor-free lighting solution for your Big Green Egg. Also, cleaning the cooker is super easy. You don’t need to clean out the used-up charcoal after every cooking session. You can also quickly wipe the exterior once it has cooled down. With your purchase of the Big Green Egg grill, you also get a limited lifetime warranty on the product. The company also offers excellent customer service for any queries on the cooker.